At RS Bonds Surety, our clients are always our number one priority. We support developers in every way possible, offer a personalised service and pride ourselves on achieving the best value.

Here is an insight of what some of our clients think of our services.

Lorna Chambers
Taylor French Developments

“We were advised by NHBC to approach RS Bonds to help us place a Section 185 bond for one of our schemes. Although it is currently a difficult time in the market RS Bonds managed to obtain us a favourable quotation. We have utilised RS Bonds services on many other sites since and are happy with the experience that we have received. I would recommend them to anyone who requires surety bonds.”

Chris Baldwin
Matthews City and Country Homes

“I was impressed with how RS Bonds were able to fill a gap where we had a problem and they were a great help to us throughout. The extremely efficient service of RS Bonds helped us with any queries or questions we had, and this made them different to similar companies available. With the help of RS Bonds, we were able to gain the bond we needed.”

Julian Lee
William and Lee Developments

“I came to RS Bonds as I was trying to get surety for a water bond. They were very efficient when getting things done and I would recommend them to others in similar situations.”

Ray Wild
TC Homes

“Other companies didn’t want to quote for us as we didn’t have the accounts however RS Bonds were the only company who considered helping us. As a result of their help, we were able to place the bond and therefore avoid issues that would have meant we couldn’t start the build. We had never had to place bonds before, yet RS Bonds made it nice and simple and were very efficient in their work. I would definitely use their services again and I have done!”

James Higdon
Higdon Homes

“I approached RS Bonds as we needed to source a surety for a S104 and a S38. I was put in touch with the team who were extremely helpful and made it straightforward and simple, it was a one stop shop for everything we needed. I would recommend RS Bonds to anyone who needed them, and I will be using them again.”

Marcel Gold
Olnato Ltd

“I needed to acquire a bond for a S38 and was referred to RS Bonds so decided to work with them. I would certainly recommend RS Bonds to others and would use them again for my upcoming developments.”

Paul Timmins
Alps Homes

“RS Bonds’ quick and easy service made it simple for me to acquire a S278 bond for our development. They were recommended to me and I would recommend them to anyone who needs to place a bond. I would happily use RS Bonds’ services again on future developments.”

Chris Gibbs
Tricas Construction

“RS Bonds services helped us place a S278 and a S38 on a development after being recommended to us. We are already in talks with RS Bonds for assistance on an additional development as they were so quick and efficient to work with so I would 100% recommend them.”

Martin Sherman
Pickering & Ferens Homes

“RS Bonds’ quick response and service helped us to place a S38 and S278 bond. RS Bonds were recommended to us and we would absolutely recommend them to other developers who need similar assistance.”

Melissa Kroger
Fenwood Estates

“We required a road bond to cover a S38 agreement on one of our sites, the bond was too large for us to cover with our own cash – we are a small/medium sized family building company and the cash flow we have we use to generate the next land purchase so the bonds have to come cash wise from a bondsman to make it work for us. I was referred to RS Bonds and when I spoke to them they assured me that RS Bonds would definitely be able to help a business such as ours. They were very friendly and tried to help me straight away. We really got on well and have worked well together on the first bond placement. They put together a great initial case to go out to your bondsman in hope of getting a deal that is feasible cost wise for a company of our size. Thus, giving me the confidence to come back for our next site – I am very pleased with their service.”

Mike Walsh
Arianne Developments

“RS Bonds where recommend to me. They made the process straightforward with no hassle. I would recommend RS Bonds to anyone who needs them. I will be using them again if I ever require their services.”

Colleen Grady
For Housing

“LABC signposted us towards RS Bonds to obtain the surety bonds for adoption section agreements. The level of service received was very impressive. The team at RS Bonds were very friendly and kept me up to date throughout the application process. They led on discussions with the Local Authority when a query arose regarding the bond and managed the matter very well. I would recommend them to other developers.”

Nick Ashfield
Oakford Homes

“We approached RS Bonds as recommended by LABC Insurance because we had a situation where the offsite highway works were not attached to the development. Usually our bondsman; LABC / NHBC would offer the bond but this time they were unable to as the works were not directly associated with the site. RS Bonds made the whole process quick and easy in a situation where we struggled to find a solution.”

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