The Road & Sewer Bonds Market

Road and sewer bonds account for less than 5% of the surety market, which combined with associated legal agreements and the unique nature of the bond beneficiary (Adopting Party), makes it a very specialist insurance-related product. The unique nature of these bonds and technical idiosyncrasies often means that general insurers or brokers are not familiar with how to efficiently present a developers’ requirements to the market or secure efficient terms that offer value against the real risk of a bond.

RS Bonds – Trust in the experts

Our Background

RS Bonds specialise solely and exclusively in the procurement of road and sewer bonds for developers. We combine our extensive knowledge with established relationships in the surety market, who have a comprehensive knowledge and track record in civil engineering and housebuilding.

This enables our clients to benefit from our knowledge of the bond and adoption process and our ability to recognise and present consideration to a number of technical considerations not ordinarily recognised or given credence by others, including:

  • Applicant Experience and Management Team
  • Development Program
  • Development Particulars
  • Civil Engineering Designer
  • Civil Engineering Contractor
  • Bond Monitoring and Claim Mitigation
  • Site Completion (Bond Cancellation) Strategy
  • Legal Agreement Particulars
  • Bond Type
  • Bond Beneficiary (Adopting Party)

Why we are different

In addition to being an established and recognised FCA registered operator in the surety and insurance market, given our specialist expertise and intricacies, and the only organisation that operates exclusively in this space, we take a pride in the fact that our procurement of road and sewer bonds gives us an enhanced offering, which truly differentiates us.

Our dedicated and technical relationship managers provide a full turnkey supported service, supporting housebuilders from the initial application stage, all the way to adoption and cancellation of the bond.

Why choose RS Bonds

  • Specialist technical knowledge of road and sewer bonds.
  • Dedicated technical client relationship managers
  • Exclusive underwriter agreements and relationships
  • Enhanced relations with over 90% of UK Local Authorities and Water Companies.
  • 50 years combined and unrivalled experience in the sourcing and securing of road and sewer bonds
  • Innovative solutions (view case studies)
  • Technical and legal assistance.
  • Underwriter and developer bond claim protection.
  • Advise and work with some of the biggest housebuilders in the UK, either directly or through our technical providers.
  • Exclusive working agreement with the UK`s leading road and sewer adoption specialists –

Key Features of Our Differentiating Service:

Our differentiating service benefits our clients in the following ways:

  • Best value premiums guarantee
  • Technical advice & assistance
  • Responsive and pro-active client relationship managers